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Important Enrollment

Artist, we suggest to enroll for
a 1 year minimum...
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All Artist Qualifications...

One image of yourself (optional)

One image of you working in your studio (optional, to enhance your gallery)

One image of your business logo/banner (optional, to enhance your gallery)

A functional email address for all customers, AHC correspondence and communication

A bank account, a shipping/mailing address on file, and your functional PayPal Email address if
any (for AHC to process your orders and/or to transfer/deposit your sell profits)*

Once the artist receive an order...

If the customer uses the AHC shopping cart, a confirmation note will be send automatically to
the customer once the order is placed, but you as the artist supplier must confirm the order
directly with the customer

If the customer place an order by contacting the artist supplier directly and do not use the AHC
shopping cart, you must collect all payments directly from the customer, including any other
shipping charges required. AHC will not be responsible in any way with the transaction.

The Artist must produce and complete the order according with the items/products description
and customer expectations

Ship out the order

The artists must take care of the product warranty

Be in contact with the customer at all times
All Artists Qualifications...

No matter your artist level, selling at retail or wholesale, you must comply with your responsibility as
an artist supplier and maintain a professional customer service with your customers.

Other General Responsibilities...

The artist is solely responsible for their own products warranty and refund/replacement policy

You must specify all warranty terms in your gallery terms and on the invoices

The artist supplier must be responsible to fulfill the orders once received. AHC, WILL NOT be in
between the artist and the customer. Once the artist receive the order from AHC, each artist
must attend and satisfy the customers needs according with the artist business terms

Any questions related to the order, the artist must call the customer directly and the
customers must do the same, call the artist for questions related to the order/products

All artists must maintain contact with AHC to have their gallery in a professional standing...
With updated images, items information, artist contact information, etc.

Any new image/product and updated information, should be submitted ASAP to AHC for
screening. If you sell one-of-a-kind items, and do not want to repeat the item once the item is
sold, you must submit the "Delete an Item" form or send us an email right away. Once AHC
receive your request, the item will be deleted from your gallery

All artists must be responsible for all payments for the AHC web-service in a reasonable time
frame and according with the payment plan selected when enrolling with AHC
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*AHC will require the bank/credit card information during the enrollment process, not in the application. Only the
Wholesale Artist does not necessarily need to have a PayPal account on file.