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All images will be screened by AHC for presentation purposes

All images should be sized at 700 x 474 pixels for vertical an horizontal images, and 700 x 700
your images for posting; however, the size does not have to be exact)

We recommend that no image exceeds 1000 pixels. All images in the gallery and other artist
sections will be the exact same size for all artists

ONLY the "sole page" of each product (item), will have a larger image for detail purposes

All images should be saved "flushed", full image, preferable with no frame. If you do not
enlarge the image enough, and leave  space around the image, this will reduce the size of the
item  and the customer will not be able to view the item properly

You may send your pictures (images) of your items by email or mail. We prefer to receive the
images via email. Is faster, and by using this method, we can work together without entering
into the "mailing" tardiness. But, if you need to send the pictures via mail, it is also fine.
Please,  send images in a JPG format, in a formatted disk or CD,  or just send your regular
pictures. Slides and paper images will be processed at a nominal fee.
(Please, verify the Selling fees page for more information)

Every image (item) should be saved and include:  your artist name and AHC
artist number,  item number, and the item title for identification. Your AHC artist
number will be available to you once your enrollment is completed

Email address:

Other Tips...

1. Image quality is one of the most important details in selling art/crafts...
The customer and retailers want to see the details of a product before purchasing an item. Every artist
should consider the idea of investing in a professional photographer. You can also take your own pictures
(images), but they must be in a digital format and about the same quality there. The art/crafts industry is a
competitive world, and to be there, you have to be good, very good and professional with everything you do
for your craft business.

2. If you are taking your own images...We suggest you invest in a good quality digital camera. Be sure that
the camera that you purchase have all the accessories necessary to allow you to transfer the images directly
to your computer.

3. Be sure that the images are photographed with the proper light and the best lighting options.  
Experiment with different lightning options, outdoor/indoor, and with different backgrounds until you find the
perfect style for your products.

Tip: Dark and gradients backgrounds always works best, but  if you prefer to use a solid color, try to be
consistent by using the same background color for all of your pictures.
This way, your gallery will have an
elegant professional look.

4. Try not to take the attention away from the item with the wrong background. The products must be
always the focal point, the focal attention of the images. If you are consistent with your images presentation,
backgrounds, your pages will look more professional and uniform. If you present different backgrounds on
your pages, it will have a negative impression of your images presentation. It will represent instability.

5. Try not to have more than 2 items in a single image. You will have enough space to have all items
separated. If you have too many items together in a single image, you will limit the customer to see the
details of the items and the vision will be affected and disturbed.

6. Be consistent and try to maintain a professional quality of all your images in your pages. Try to stamp
your pages with a professional look...Make it Yours!

Here are some examples of Before and After Images...
All images are the presented in the standard size that you find in almost every website. Remember that,
each item will have their own sole page where all customers will be able to view a larger image of each item.
But it's also beneficial and important to present from the start a good and professional image(s).

Preferable, please send/attach all images to the email shown below.  
You may also send the images by mail, if are not a computer expert. The faster you send your images
and the item information, the faster your gallery will be created and posted. Please, allow us about
5-7 days to have your gallery ready. Once your gallery is ready, you will be notified by email.
All Artists Quality of Images...
For Artists...
Important Enrollment

Artist, we suggest to enroll for
a 1 year minimum...
It's Optional!