American Handmade Crafts have an
active web-campaign to advertise our
Artists and their handmade creations

of the AHC website!

Spend more time in your studio,

Let us "manage" with the Internet or
the complication of a website...

By working with you and
For you!
And many other search directories...
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Artists' Exposure in Social Media...

The Feature Artist will be published and
promoted at the AHCrafts-Facebook page
at no cost to the artist.

Also, it will be "twiit" at our AHC-crafts
page on Twitter.

The E-newsletter will also include this info
to all members of AHC, and to new
potential customers.

Our Artists are also promoted in our Blog.

You will find the American Handmade Craft's website in the
first 1-3 pages of many top search engines websites, without charging the
artist members a dime!
Using our search engines strategies we have positioned the AHC website in the best positions, versus
thousands of websites under the same or similar category!

AHC always keep contact with our frequent Art/Crafts friends and customers. You can share your
gallery with Customers, Family and Friends, and also find us at:
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Printed Products by mail and Email Marketing...
AHC advertised during the year the artist members by using many printed products such as: Business Cards,
Postcards, and ads in the most important magazines and publications related to the Art/Crafts Industry. AHC
also have many Email Marketing Strategies and Programs to promote our artists online and in the web.

SOON!  AHC will have MORE Ad Programs... For our Artist Members!

Because we understand the actual economy situation for an Art/Craft business,
American Handmade Crafts (AHC) is committed to create more marketing, advertising programs
and venues at affordable prices for the artists!
For Artists...
Artists - Out - Advertisement...
Important Enrollment

Artist, we suggest to enroll for
a 1 year minimum...
It's Optional!