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*NOTE: AHC will require the bank/credit card, or PayPal account information during the enrollment process, not
in the application. Only the Wholesale Artist does not necessarily need to have a PayPal account on file.

After the FREE Trial Starter Plan...ONLY $12.95 per month!

may have the item posted the time you like.

You may post as many items you want, for a total of 280 to complete your artist gallery. Each artist
online gallery consists of 12 complete full pages, plus a NEW section created for your New Items.

Each item price must include the following: item cost, shipping cost and any other charge such
as tax, handling, packaging, etc., according with each artist product specifications and terms, and 2.9%
+ .30¢ of the item cost (for Paypal Processing if the customer chooses to pay by using PayPal).

If for any reason you have to add any other shipping charges after the order is placed and/or paid, the
artist must notify the customer directly and charge the customer  for order completion.

AHC will transfer you the order once received, at NO extra charge.

Our Shopping Cart System includes  the secured PayPal Order Processor.
Process the orders using PayPal and all major credit cards

All your items price must be posted in US Dollars.

Once AHC receive an order/payment from a customer, AHC will transfer/send the order and the total
payment directly to the artist by following the artist payment preferences and specifications when

You can pay your membership invoices in 30 days.
All monthly, quarterly, advertisement ads, and yearly fees that apply, will be posted in your
Artist Membership Section, where you can verify the invoices and make the payments directly to AHC.
Our first goal is to help the artists as much as we can, and make your business prosper!
In Special cases, we are also open to payment arrangements with the artists

Each time you participate in any of our advertisement sections (Artist Weekly Showcase, Artists
Special Advertisement Section, or in any other advertisement ads offered by AHC), the
advertisement cost will be added to your invoices overview page.

Because we know how difficult it is to start an art/craft business, the artist will have 30 days to pay
your payment plan selected with AHC.  You can pay AHC by using our PayPal buttons,
PayPal/VISA/MC/AEx and Discovery credit cards, personal/company checks by mail, or
by sending your credit card information by fax.

Every other week you will receive a "reminder invoice" by email. Also, you will be able to view your
invoices in your Artist Membership Section. WE DO NOT do any payment transactions via email.

For your security, PLEASE DO NOT send any financial or personal information via email.

1. I'm overseas, stationed out of the United States territory...Can I be an artist member and sell my
Yes you can. No matter where you are living or stationed in the world, if you are a US or a Canadian citizen,
you can sell at AHC.

2. What type or style of Art/Crafts should be posted?
Any creation, product or item can be posted as a handmade creation if it's a creation by the artist. If the
item is handmade, handcrafted by the artist, the item can be posted and published. Just remember to not
copy any product, item or handmade creation from another artists member, or from other artists
outsite the site. Please, read more about

3. If for any reason I decide to cancel my membership...Is there any refund?
NO. Fees are not refunded. All fees and charges are applied to your artist enrollment, and full maintenance of
your artist gallery.

4. Does my artist fees will be  included in the shopping cart once a customer place an order?
NO. The Customer will only view in the shopping cart the item(s) costs, order details, and the final charges for
purchasing an item. Your artist membership is totally private between the artist and AHC.

5. How can I verify my membership and ad fees?
In your Artist Private section. Your membership fee and other ad fees will appear in your Artist Membership
Section as "invoices overview" page.

6. Why do the items/products have to be screened?
For professional presentation purposes. All images/galleries must follow the presentation guidelines. AHC is
not a common or regular online gallery where anyone can post their items/products images without any
approval or supervision. If AHC wanted to maintain a professional and presentable "image" in the net, we
need the artist galleries to shine and be as exclusive as possible. This way, the artists items/products will
receive the importance they have and deserve as handmade and unique creations.

7. How does the shopping cart works for you and your customers?
Please, CLICK HERE for details.
Artist Payment Plans:
Payment Plans

Monthly (ez-pay)

$12.95 /month

$12.95 /month


$51.80 /quarter

$51.80 /quarter


$155.40 /year
Special Offer $125.00
SAVE 1st Year! ($30.40) and
NO Gallery Setup fee
  • ONLY $25 for Gallery Set Up with Free Trial. Applied in the 4th month of membership.

  • No extra Fees, No Commission Fees, or any hidden service charge for your membership and order
Other Optional Services for the Artists...
Image(s) scanning process for regular photos or slides (Optional service, for
artists who do not know how to convert  photos into an electronic/digital files.)

Advertisement in the "Artists Special Advertisement" section, per artist for
90 days
(3 months) (Optional, but highly recommended)

per artist
Artists Advertisement in the "Artists Weekly Showcase"  section, two (2)
images per artist / 30 days
(1 full month) (Optional, but highly recommended)


ENROLL NOW, and try our
FREE 30 days trial (Artist Starter Plan)
Your first month is FREE!  Pay only $25 for gallery setup, applied in the 2nd month of membership.
This Starter Plan is applicable to all artists, participant and wholesale. Your 30 days Artist Stater Plan
trial begins after your gallery is created and published. After the free trial, your 2nd month payment
will be $12.95 + $25 ($37.95). The following monthly payments will be only of $12.95 per month. One
payment plan must be selected with enrollment.

For complete and detailed Artist information, PLEASE read the
Important Enrollment Topics" shown in the left column.

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