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All work must be original, handmade, assembled, designed and produced by the artist.

Only some per-fabricated material can be acceptable to create the products. Some of these
materials are: beads, jewelry supplies, metals or wire, fabric, fibers, lighting supplies, soap
supplies, found objects, candle supplies, wood, glass, furniture...

Products assembled from commercial kits or molds WILL NOT be accepted, unless the molds are
original designs by the artist for mass production purposes.

All products and art/craft work must be created and assembled within the US, unless you are
stationed overseas.

After acceptance, artist must continue to present good images, and good quality of products.

Off course, the Artists can produce as many products as they want. The artists work will
participate in any of the product categories, and in all searching pages according with each
product category and specifications.

Each product will be classified and posted in the product particular category according to the
item description. (Example, an artist can produce their products in paper, ceramic, fiber, metal,
etc., and the same and each item can participate under any of these categories).

Also, If you are an "all around artist" you can participate in more than one category. The more
categories your item(s) participate, the more exposure you and your products will have!

General Related Information... Online Gallery (AHC) understand that any artist may produce an
original design mold ONLY for quantity (mass production) purposes

AHC WILL NOT accept under any circumstances that any artist copy the work of other artist
member. AHC, reserves the right to cancel an artist membership if this situation occurs

AHC, will not promote any related situation and considers "very important" the original artistic  
ideas  from each artist

AHC, expect from the artist members, respect and complete commitment to the website service
and to the co-artists that also share this web-space with you

AHC  reserves the right to refuse any enrollment for any reason

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All Artists Product (items) Requirements...
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Important Enrollment

Artist, we suggest to enroll for
a 1 year minimum...
It's Optional!

Because we care!  
All Handmade Art/Craft work is important to AHC. AHC perform a product screening to maintain the
quality of products as a must. All galleries and the artist as well will have a professional presentation to
the customers. All galleries must have a professional aspect and design.
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