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Ruth Barbery
Ruth's Place

Shop by Seasons...
You will also have the opportunity to have
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Handmade Showcases and Shop Local...
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This Features are FREE for all Artists. These are
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STEP-UP: Your own Gallery Slider with a nice selection of your Artist creations.

SHOPPING CART: Your Gallery will accept orders with credit cards and payments online
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ARTIST PROFILE: Your Gallery includes an Artist profile space for your Bio, Artist
Statement, Contact Information, Products, Products Description, Payment and Shipping
Terms, Refund Policy, Exhibitions / Awards / Shows / Events Info, New Items, Best Seller
Products, A Visitors/Buyers Counter, Images protector code, and much more.

IMAGES: You can have your Business Logo, a Header Banner, a Bottom Banner,
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ARTIST SHOW: You can have space for videos showing your products or be connected
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ARTIST ADMIN: Your Secure Password Area where you can update your gallery info, and
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WEB-SECURITY: The Wholesale section and your Admin Artist pages of your gallery is a
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ADS & SEARCH: A FREE AD at the AHC MarketPlace, and in all Handmade Showcases
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PRINTING PRODUCTS: You will have the opportunity to participate in many AHC printed
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ARTIST SUPPORT:  AHC is available most of the time by email, and online with our
Customer Support FAQ's.

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