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Important Enrollment

Artist, we suggest to enroll for
a 1 year minimum...
It's Optional!
For Artists...
Wholesale Artist...

Some features that the Wholesale Artist get from their membership?

An Artist Gallery with space for 280 images/products/items, consisting of 16 images on the first
page of your gallery, and 11 additional pages with space for 24 images/products/items per page,
for a total of 12 pages/gallery/per artist.

Each one of your images/products/items will have a link to their "sole page". From this page the
buyer will be able to view a detailed image, product description, item price(s), size, and any
other detail that the artist want to specify about the item/product.

AHC will create your own shopping cart button for your items/products.

Your items/products will be posted under each item/product particular category. (Images can be
in different categories according with each item/product specifications/techniques, medium, etc.

Your gallery will include your Artist Profile, shipping terms, payment terms, contact information,
your artist policies, etc., and a SlideShow of some of your items/products.

A URL address for you to post at Facebook, Twitter, and blogs. This pages will not include your
prices and wholesale business policies.

The URL address of your existing website (if any).

A private access ID/Password to access your member page, where the artist will be able to
modify/request changes of their page information, profile, banner, etc.

As part of the enrollment, an Ad will be posted in the "Artist Special Advertisement" section for
60 days (2 months) for FREE. (The ad link will be to the wholesale login page).

An Ad in the Artist member section at the AHC MarketPlace for FREE (valuable for life of
membership). (The ad link will be to the wholesale login page).

As a New Artist Member, one of your best images will be posted in the "New Artists" section for
120 days (4 months) for FREE.

As a new Artist Member, one of your best images will be presented in the "Artist Showcase"
section for 30 days (1 month) for FREE.

Any of your images will be included in our e-newsletter and our Facebook and Twitter page where
we advertise our Artists and their Handmade Creations.

We handle the (SEO) Search Engine Optimization through the Internet, and the functionality of
each Artist Gallery along with the Artist.

Because of the nature of the wholesale policy type of business, these are just a few of
the highpoints, that we can mention here. In the works of the wholesale section, the
wholesale member will find all the features available!


Keep your monthly subscription current, sell, show and advertise your HANDMADE
items/products/creations...AND WE HANDLE THE REST FOR YOU!

You will meet more customers, create a direct contact with buyers, have the opportunity
to advertise and show your creations to retailers who visits your artist gallery and very

You will have the time to produce/create more and more inventory for your art/craft

What is a Wholesale Artist at AHC?

A Wholesale Artist is all Artist/Artisan that sell their handmade items/products/creations at
wholesale prices only to Retailers and Business Owners. All retailers/business owners must be an
enrolled member of AHC to have access to the
private wholesale section of AHC.

Be out front and show your