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Maria Delucca - Maria's Creations
Gemstones, Crystals, and Sterling Silver.
One-of-a-kind-designs. AHC
Artist# P-2002
, or email me at:

Ruth Barbery - Ruth's Place
Unique  jewelry created with genuine Gemstones,
Swarovski. One-of-a-kind-designs. AHC

Participant Artist# P-2004

Mary Miller - Jewelry for the Stars
Beautiful Jewelry created only for a Star!
One-of-a-kind-designs. AHC
Artist# P-2005
, or email me at:

Michael Powers - Clearwater Cabin Living
Handcrafted Stone Rustic Western Coat Racks.
Participant Artist# P-2009, or email me at:

Sonja Voss - Hazard Jewelry - Handcrafted  
jewelry with Sterling Silver, Italian and German
today. AHC
Wholesale Artist# W3005, or email
me at:

Don & Judy Kennedy - Nature's Treasures  
Handcrafted ikebana flower vases and wall art
created with natural stones. AHC
Wholesale Artist
# W3004.
Email me at:

Devon Cameron - Gourdaments
Unique Gourdaments Creations.
Wholesale Artist# W3003, or email me at:

Mary Gonzalez - MJ Crafts Design Studio
Beautiful and Unique One-of-a-kind-designs for all
ocassion and season art. Mixed Media, AHC
Wholesale Artist# W3002, or email me at:
Mary Gonzalez - MJ Crafts Design Studio - Ceramic and Wood Bracelets
Mary Gonzalez - MJ Crafts Design Studiio - Flower Arrangement Pin

From MyGarden♥!
Handcrafted cards with Flowers and many nature
images/photos of my Own Garden. AHC
Wholesale Artist# W3007.
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Debra Cross - New Moon Creations
Handmade Ribbon Scarves and Yarn Necklaces.
Wholesale Artist# W3007, or email me at:

MaryG - Art by MaryG
Beautiful One-of-a-kind-designs for all seasons
and occasion art. AHC
Wholesale Artist# W3002,
or email me at:
Maria Delucca
Maria's Creations
Ruth Barbery
Ruth's Place
Mary Miller
Jewelry for the Stars
From MyGarden♥
All Occasion Cards
Art by MaryG
Lauren's Boutique
by Cathy
Clearwater Cabin Living
Michael Powers