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Glass, Polymer
and Copper
Glass Tea Pots

Welcome to the Glass, All about Glass...Gallery!

Handmade Creations:  Lamps, Night Lights,
Paperweights, Ornaments, Beads, Jars, Vases, Bowls,
Containers, Sculptures, Wall Art, Marbles, Glass Candies,
Jewelry, Jewelry Boxes, Sun Catchers, Oil Lamps,
Glassware, Panels/Plates, Candle Holders, Coasters,
Clocks, Frames, Vessels, Tiles, Drawer/Fan Pulls,
Judaica, Dinnerware, Perfume Bottles...and much more!

Techniques:   All glass techniques and media.

Materials: All kind, type of materials, etc.
Large Glass
Nugget Ring
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