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ALL WORK AND APPLICATION MUST BE ENTERED INTO EVALUATION (Screened), and American Handmade Crafts Online Gallery, reserves the right to
refuse any application for any reason, not fully meeting our requirements to be an artist or retailer
member., and American Handmade Crafts Online Gallery perfectly understand
that...All artists grow with their business, change and define their work and products with time. We
believe in progress. That's why we have created the "Emerging Artists Spotlight" section. We also try to
maintain affordable prices for the artist members, to give all artists the opportunity to grow.

Our goal is to continue giving the best web-service and professionalism.
We want to give our website, our artists, our retailers, our advertisers, businesses, and general public
the exclusivity that we all deserve and to make everyone proud of being part of the's Online Gallery.

We want to present to our customers, the art/craft industry and to the whole world, the best of the best
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IMPORTANT:, and the American Handmade Crafts Online Gallery, WILL NOT accept
under any circumstances copied art from other artists in or out the American Handmade Crafts website., reserves the right to cancel any artist's membership if this situation
were to occur. If an artist's membership is canceled for this reason, the membership fee WILL NOT be
refunded., considers "very personal and important" the original thoughts, ideas,  
and designs from each artist. American Handmade Crafts wants to give the artist the opportunity to
grow as an artist, as a professional crafter and also as a craft business representative and owner.

By seeing other artists work, may help create new ideas, new creations, but it won't be acceptable to
make an identical copy in any form of any designs from other artists.

We expect a complete commitment, respect and professionalism to the website service, and to the
other artists who share this web, net space and the art/crafts industry with all of you.

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