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Item Name: Three Tiered Fence Railing Western
Candle Holder

Item#: 001

Price: $32.95

Dimensions: Described below.

Description: The materials for this unique western
candle holder are made of fence railings I found on an
abanonded ranch in North Dakota. The base for this
piece measures 12" long x 5 1/2" wide with the total
height being 10". This will make a great addition to
your cabin or to that special western corner in your
home. The glass votive candles are included.

Special Note from Artist:
One of a kind design. Only 1 available!
If you have a special request for the artists? Don't
forget to let the Artist know in the space below!
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Photo Credit: Michael Powers
Clearwater Cabin Living  by Michael Powers

Clearwater Cabin

Michael Powers
Artist #: P-2009
Artist Category: Participant
AHC Member since: 2008

Clearwater Cabin Living
515 Calliope Lane
Idaho Falls, ID  83402

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