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Mission, Vision, Motto, Core Values...

Welcome to!
Thank You for your interest in knowing us a little bit more.

Thank You for your visit! is created by artists just like you!

Mission Statement- (AHC) is created and dedicated to serve our Online Customers, all
U.S. and Canadian Artists, the Retailer members, and all the Art/Crafts Community and Industry.

To connect and provide a one-stop, premier web-service online gallery and an exclusive web-space
for the artist members, and Retailers (Storefront Business Owners). To serve and offer the
artists, retailers, suppliers, and businesses, a premier web-space and web-service where they can
all join together in the advertisement of their art/crafts products, their businesses, as well as in
the buying and selling of quality and unique American Handmade Art/Crafts at Retail or Wholesale
Prices. The general public and registered retailers can shop at their pace 24/7/365!

Vision Statement-

To provide this unique shopping experience, we intend to do the following:
-- Maintain prices affordable at a reasonable level for our services and for the creations advertised
throughout the site
-- Maintain constant vigilance on the quality of products and immediately react to any negative
trends in customer service or product construction
-- Advertise our artists and their work, retailers and the site in multiple media outlets
-- Conduct all business in an honest, professional manner

Motto- --"The Perfect Place to find Quality Artists!" / "Enjoy and Shop
the Quality of Handmade!"®

Core Values:

We take pride in our mission and strive for excellence in all we do.

Team Work...
We have a great untiring team of professional workers! Part of our team is composed by artists,
retailers, suppliers, and other related arts/crafts professionals.

Customer Service...
We value each of our team members for their contribution to the Arts and Crafts world and strive
to exceed our customer's expectations.

We earn and uphold the trust and confidence of others in us.

We constantly pursue new ideas and creative solutions--to include new ways to improve the site,
as well as new avenues to publicize it and give more exposure to the artist members work and

AHC has created this website exclusively for this Online Gallery. All content is created by AHC
specially to promote and advertise our artist members, their products and their art/craft
businesses online.

Personal attention to the artist members is a must in AHC. All galleries are created by a living
person, not an online template generator--ALL GALLERIES ARE SPECIAL!