Artist Agreement with AHC
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Do not duplicate in any form without permission of American Handmade Crafts.

First of all, THANK YOU for deciding to enroll as an Artist/Artisan, and for
your interest to become an Artist member of AmericanHandmadeCrafts.
com Online Gallery.

The website is an exclusive Online
Gallery for U.S. and Canadian Wholesale and Participant Artists.

For this particular reason, both, Artists and Retailers (brick and
mortar storefront owners) will enter into a screening process during
the enrollment. This process is simple, but with great importance to
encourage the artists to maintain a professional "image" in the
art/crafts industry, and the retailers to have a serious business
relationship with all artists-suppliers. ensures the artists member that all
retailers are professional business owners. This will also maintain the Online Gallery, as an excellent
representative of the U.S. and Canadian professional handmade
art/crafts.Read Our Philosophy and Mission Statement for more

The Retailers and general public have to understand that our artists
are professionals, and expect ordering to be within their own
requirements, terms and the AHC requirements. The wholesale
artists will have their products at wholesale prices, and they need us
to verify the retail status of the retailers willing to purchase at
wholesale in the wholesale Online

The Online Gallery, WILL NOT accept
under any circumstances that any artist copy the work of other artist.
We, reserves the right to cancel any
artist membership if this situation where to occur. If the artist
membership is canceled because of this matter, the
membership/setup fee WILL NOT be refunded. wants to protect the original thoughts,
ideas, creativity, talent and the businesses of each artist/artisan
member of the Online Gallery.

Each Artist member must be responsible for their own business
documentation, licences, permits, and products copyrights. Online Gallery wants to give the artist
the opportunity to grow as an artist and also as an art/craft business
representative. We expect your complete commitment and respect to
the Online Gallery website service,
and to your co-artists and retailers that also share this web space
with you.

Artists are solely responsible for providing the best customer
service, good quality of products and warranty to their customers.

The's website and web-service create
many promotional printed products during the yearly campaigns to
promote the Artist and their products, the website and web-service.
As an Artist Member, you will give to
and the Online Gallery the permit and privilege of using and copying
any of the images posted in your gallery and pages of the Online Gallery website, to advertise the
website, the website service, the artists, and the artists products.
Your images will be used ONLY for advertisement purposes. will choose from any of the artists
images to advertise the website, the website service and the artist
members. All artists will have sometime the opportunity to be part of
our advertisement program and printed products. This participation is
at no cost to the artist member.

If for any reason the artist decide to cancel their membership with, the artist will permit, accept and
understand that has to continue to
use the existing printed products until the printed products are totally

If any of your images were used in an
printed products and you are not an artist member anymore, your
images will not be used in the next printed product production, but
because the printed products has a high cost, the artist must
understand that ALL printed products must be totally used and

As a positive way for the artists, the artist member will receive FREE
advertisement until the printed products are totally distributed by

The Artist will maintain current the contact information, email
address, mailing/shipping address and phone number.

The payment plan selected should be paid by the artist member in a
reasonably time-frame to maintain their account active with If for any reason the artist have to
make changes to their artist information or change the payment
plan, the artist must contact
immediately to update the contact/artist information and/or to
request for a payment arrangement. will create more advertising programs
for the artists to advertise their products, having in mind our first
priority...the Artists and their work, our Retailers, Buyers and

Your privacy is very important to us. We take very seriously and have
taken every precaution to ensure the safety of your membership and
personal information. We guarantee you the Artist member that do not sell, transfer or share any
information from our artist members, their images or galleries to
third parties.

When submitting the application to,
YOU AGREE to comply with all artist qualifications and requirements,
and also accept all statements for the best and professional status
of the website service and interests for the artists., reserves the right to refuse any
application for any reason, not fully meeting our qualifications and
requirements to be an artist or retailer member.

Please, read carefully the following agreement.  
This agreement is between the Artist/Artisan-Supplier and The purpose of this agreement, is to
maintain professionalism between the supplier and the web-service by
creating beautiful galleries for the benefit of the Artist Members and

their customers.