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What are your Products:
Stone Lamps and Shades, Votive and Candle Holders, Western Rustic Coat Racks, Home Decor Accessories.

Techniques, Materials Used:

Describe your work:
Lamps and Lamp Shades: Clearwater Cabin, Clearwaterwater Cabin Living's manufacturing division, using only
the highest quality rawhide and birch bark lamp shades available.  We deal with two premium suppliers that
are, what I consider, to be the top producers of these types of lamp shades in the United States.

Clearwater Cabin, the handmade product division of Clearwater Cabin Living, is excited to bring our newly
created stone lamps.  Each piece is uniquely crafted using hand picked rock found in the mountains of Idaho
and now from our new location in North Dakota.  After completing the assembly of the lamp, we then coat it
with a semi-gloss lacquer to seal it and bring out the natural beauty of the stone.

Many of our lamps come with it's own rawhide shade and a rock finial.  A birch bark shade can be substitued at
no addtional cost.  If you prefer your lamp to be shipped with no shade, we will gladly adjust the price for you
and send it without the shade...just let us know.

Candle Holders: Our beautiful, handmade stone candle holders are perfect for your rustic cabin or that special
corner in your traditional home. Each piece is unique and no two are ever the same. By fitting the small stones
together on top of a larger rock base, we have created a wonderful unique product that will be a true
conversation piece with you and your friends.

The candle holder stands approxiamtely 7" tall and is coated with a semi gloss lacquer to seal the rock and
bring out the natural colors.  (The candled are not included).

Western Rustic Coat Racks: Put the old west into your home with our western style rustic coat rack.  Each piece
is created using pre-rusted hardware and weathered wood giving the coat rack an old west feel and look.  After
assembly, we spray each creation with a semi gloss lacquer to seal it for a lifetime of use.  The dimensions are
as follows:  36" wide x 8" high x 2" deep.  To anchor the coat rack to the wall, we have attached weathered
chain placed on the piece so you can nail into the studs of the wall (based off 16" studs).

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At your service,
Michael Powers                          

Thank you for your visit. For a long time now,
I have longed to put together a collection of
interesting products that reflect and teach how to
achieve the rustic cabin and outdoor mountain
lifestyle. Being an avid, outdoor sort of person
who loves the mountains and all that they offer,
I have spent a great deal of time researching
the best of the best. I hope this gallery and my
site not only sparks your interest, but also gets
you on the road to finding, creating and living
the life of your dreams.
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Clearwater Cabin Living  by Michael Powers
ClearWater Cabin Living Facebook Page

Clearwater Cabin

Michael Powers
Artist #: P-2009
Artist Category: Participant
AHC Member since: 2008

Clearwater Cabin Living
515 Calliope Lane
Idaho Falls, ID  83402

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