Maria at her artist studio.
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Maria's Creations  by Maria Delucca
Welcome to my Artist Gallery!
Thank You for your interest in knowing more about me and by business!
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Meet the Artist / Bio...

What are your Products:
Fine jewelry, Sterling silver Necklaces, Bracelets, Earrings, Bookmarks, with genuine gemstones and more!

Techniques, Materials Used:
I choose the best quality of stones that can show their natural beauty. The stones used in the jewelry are:
Swarovski Crystals and Gemstones. I also use Sterling Silver, Gold-plated findings and clasps.

Each piece of jewelry is designed and positioned to illustrate the natural beauty of the stones.

Describe your work:
Many of my items are "one-of-a-kind" design. I can try to create the same item but, some details may vary
according with the stones and materials used. My work goes to every taste and style. I like to be innovative and
unique. All my creations are my own design and are 100% handmade.

Year Started as an Artist:
I started in 2004.

How do you promote your work?
Internet, postcards, fliers, ads, crafts much as I can.

What type, style or theme of art/crafts do you like to create most?
I like most, the Contemporary style. I just create what comes to my mind. I just love it!

Which and how many art/crafts shows do you attend during the year?
As many as I can.

What are your retail or wholesale price points?
Retail: $10 - $900
All depends on the quantity of items ordered for wholesalers and if the customer want only one item, I will sell it
for my original retail price.
I always try to have good prices for everyone.

What do you think about consignment?
I don't do consignment, but I respect all artists who do so. I think is also a great opportunity to have your items
out there.

Do you sell wholesale, retail, other?
At the moment I sell retail only. My prices are very low and cannot lower the prices more. But, I have been a
business woman for years and if a retailer needs to order in quantities, I will be more than happy to create a
business relationship as a wholesale artist supplier.

What advise do you have for New Craft Artists?
Accept the challenge and do not give up! Create a good and durable relationship with your customer
retail/wholesale. Call, email or mail your customer to keep in touch. Let them know that they can count on you
for their artistic needs and that you will be there to serve them. Try to give the customer as flexible payment
terms as possible, and provide precise ordering information. Make it easier for them, and be there for them. Try
to create the orders ASAP and ship them out fast. If you have any inconvenience with the order, let them
know...they will appreciate your honesty and professionalism. Try to advertise as much as possible in the
advertisement sections that AHC offer to the artists.

It is important to be out front all the time!

What advise do  you have for Craft Galleries?
Trust the artist. Meet and create a personal relationship with the artists. Try to make the artist feel that they are
the most important artist for you. No matter if the artist knows that you represent 100 artists...the personal
communication and friendship will make the artist do miracles for you and your store. Work together, believe in
them and be proud of their creations.

Don't close your mind and your market by thinking about purchasing only from the wholesale sites or sections,
give your gallery a chance to meet other distinguished and professional artists that sell in many other ways.
Maybe they have retail prices because they can't lower their prices any more, but their retail prices may still be
good enough for you to make a profit when reselling. Create and have a positive and significant business
relationship with your artists supplier.

At your service,
Maria Delucca                           

She enjoys very much helping young girls in learning on
"How to Manage your time", by doing something
positive and productive. As a teacher and artist for many
years, Maria has learned and practiced putting together
two aspects of her life, happiness and business.

Maria loves to sell her work to everyone that enjoys her
creations and admires her creativity.

Maria's Creations offer one-of-a-kind pieces and also
many items that she can also create in quantities, if
needed. She tries to make every piece different from
each other, but she can create any special request if

Maria stated: "I am very great full to have the
opportunity to show and expose my work to the world by
being part of this site."

"I will be more than happy to create beautiful pieces of
art for everyone who orders any of my creations. I invite
you to visit my gallery"... Maria stated.

Maria's Creations Gallery - Artist #P2002

Maria has been a teacher for more than 45
years. She is now retired and willing to enjoy her
retirement by creating beautiful jewelry and
Her creativity skills doesn't have limits when
creating jewelry. Maria enjoys to adventure new
horizons in her life, by writing books for kids and
also expressing her experiences as a teacher in
many ways.

She has continued to  take classes and seminars
related to the Jewelry business. She has a
concession booth at the Ft. Hood Texas Army
and Air Force Exchange Store in the Holiday
Seasons throughout the year.
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Maria's Creations

Maria Delucca
Artist #: P-2002
Artist Category: Participant
AHC Member since: 2008

Maria's Creations
Killeen, Tx

PH. (407) 484-2970

Turnaround Time: 2-3 weeks
Minimum Order: $0
Year Started: 2004