American Handmade Crafts is Open to all Artists, Retailers and Customers!

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“The Perfect Place to find Quality Artists”

Welcome to the American Handmade Crafts (AHC) News Blog!  This blog will keep our Retailers, Artists, Art and Crafts businesses, and general public aware of the upcoming events of this Online Gallery. American Handmade Crafts.com Online Gallery will sell at retail prices to the general public, and at wholesale prices to validated store/gallery owners.  

For the Retailer, and Art and Crafts Businesses there is no fee to join AHC; however, your business information will be validated so that only bonafide retailers can access the wholesale prices section in our site.  The retailers receive a pasword, and they need to login into the wholesale private section.

American Handmade Crafts will also have an advertisement section for the retailers and Art and Crafts Gallery Owners, at an affordable price. 

For the US and Canadian Artists and Artisans, you will have the choice to either sell at wholesale or retail. All products MUST be handmade by the artists. There will be an annual fee associated to each one of these choices. That fee will be charged either montly, quarterly, or yearly.  The best part..AHC does not charge a commission or an extra hidden fee!

The Artist will be responsible for communicating directly with the retailer and customers once we receive the order and we forward it to the artist.  The Artist is also responsible for the shipping, warranty, and overall customer satisfaction actions related to all orders received from AHC.

In exchange for your fixed membership fee, AHC will provide you with a functional shopping cart, link to your personal website if you do have one, uploading and maintaining your customized pages within AHC, with up to 276 images of your products/items. You will also have the opportunity to showcase your photos in several  prominent advertisement sections of the site, for a small fee.  Aditionally, AHC will advertise the site via multiple tools such as ads, emails–only opt-in addresses, NO SPAM, and by optimizing the site for continuous high search engine standings. 

American Handmade Crafts.com is already included in the major search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc) databases and will be be submitted to many other small ones.   

For the general public, you will have the opportunity to visit many wonderful and creative artists/artisans galleries, and buy their art/crafts at retail price.  You will find a plethora of choices..and everyone should find something they like.

Anyway, this is only a preview of what American Handmade Crafts is all about.  We invite you to visit us anytime to… “Enjoy and Shop the Quality of Handmade”! 

Remember, American Handmade Crafts.com is…”The Perfect Place to find Quality Artists”





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  5. americanhandmadecrafts said,

    February 20, 2009 at 5:55 pm

    Hi Drake! Happy to hear from you.
    We have so many sections and the website is growing fast. We are working on the new concepts and traying to bring as much as possible customers, artists and retailers to the site.

    I will keep you posted with the new things.
    I have visited your site, and I have noticed you have also make changes to it…Nice changes by the way!

    Best wishes!
    MaryG at americanhandmcadecrafts.com

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