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Ruth Barbery
Ruth is an all-around artist and designer. Her long style
when creating jewelry. She have also designed many
interior decor for business professionals and friends.
Ruth is a professional US artist, and a business woman
to admire. Just view her work, and you will notice that
Ruth's work...speak for itself. All pieces are one of a
kind designs!
Artists Exposure, Interviews, Demos!

Maria Delucca
Fine jewelry created with genuine Gemstones, Swarovski
Crystals, and Sterling Silver. All pieces are one of a kind
designs! Meet Maria, and her beautiful and unique
creations. She has been testing with many other media
and techniques, such as polymer clay, wire and
porcelain to improve and embellish her exclusive
designs. Visit her gallery to see more amazing work!
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Michael Powers
collection of interesting products that reflect and teach how
to achieve the rustic cabin and outdoor mountain lifestyle.
Being an avid, outdoor sort of person who loves the
mountains and all that they offer, I have spent a great
gallery and my site not only sparks your interest, but also
gets you on the road to finding, creating and living the life
of your dreams.
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Sonja Voss
Every single piece is made with superior craftmanship,
using old an new techniques, playing with colors, forms, I
Visiting Asheville or living near by?
Make an appointment and feel free to come in my studio
and buy direct!
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Devon's studio in Sugar Loaf, New York is filled with
creative energy, as is the artist herself. Though she
and wood, it is her delightfully whimsical gourd
creations that have won acclaim. When she is not
embellishing gourds, Devon practices her other
passion, Music Therapy, and is introducing her 6- year-
old son, and 8 - year - old daughter to the art and
business of gourds.             
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Don and Judy Kennedy
Don Kennedy has been creating art full-time since 1985.  
We have received numerous art festival "Best of Show"
awards. We have been wholesaling our handcrafted
ikebana flower vases since 2002, and are featured in
Galleries (including the Ansel Adams Gallery in Yosemite),
Gift Shops, Garden Stores, Nature Centers, Florists,
Jewelers, Nurseries, Rock & Gem shops & Home Decor
Stores, throughout the United States and the Virgin
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Mary Gonzalez
Mary is an all-around easygoing artist.
She said: "I'm an extreme perfectionist artist and always
want to give the best in everything I do or create"
I will always say..."This is my job, my hobby...and my life",
create, create and create!!! I'm not attached to any
particular art theme or technique, because I love them all.
The art is my life! I'm producing, thinking and creating
24/7 without stopping. I hope I'll never have a "head
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Mary Miller
All her dream since she was a little girl was to be an artist.
Mary have a BA in Communications and Visual Arts, and
have worked for many companies in different places in US
and other countries around the world. She also had two
flower shops where she sold her creations. Now she is
dedicating her free time to create beautiful and artistic
jewelry for everyone. Check out her gallery, and you will
have the chance to know more about her unique creations.
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